About Me

I’m Marco Antonio Gómez Lovera.

I have a Master’s Degree in Economics from El Colegio de México and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Universidad Panamericana.

I graduated college as the best student of the class and an Honorific Mention with the thesis “Happiness as a matter of public policy”. My Master’s Degree thesis is called “For Richer, For Poorer: The Effect of Marriage Equality on Economic Outcomes in Mexico”.

From May 2013 to May 2016 I was Editor of  Dinero en Imagen, an economics, business, finance and technology news website by Grupo Imagen. After my departure, I continued collaborating in its Blogs section.

I currently also collaborate in the Voices section of the HuffPost México.

My first job was as a Research Assistan at the National Instituto of Statistics and Geography in Mexico, where I helpen in the development of the book “Lo que indican los indicadores”. I also was responsible for managing and keeping up-to-date databases with macroeconomic data and conducted econometric analysis of the main economic variables of Mexico and the United States.

As a hobbie, I also created La Coctelera, a website that started as a podcast and then became a blog focused on subjects of interest for Mexican youth.

I was also Editor of  VivirMéxico, a website dedicated to analyzing Mexican subjects hosted by  Hipertextual, a digital content company and, by the time, the biggest blogs network in Hispanic America.

I also wrote occasionally in  Elite Daily, a millennial-focused website from the US.

During college I also collaborated as a host in my University’s internet-radio-station, RadioUP, where I had to shows: Mixr, which lasted a year and focused on political, economic and technology, and Música Descompustad, which lasted for six months and was focused on playing soundtracks from TV series and movies.